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NEW: With 2024 constituencies!

Map your people✊

A tool for organisers and activists to locate their supporters by UK constituency. Mapped can help with recruiting spare areas, canvassing or fundraising, all without us storing any of your data.

Enrich your data

Understand more about where your people are

Upload a contact list from your Constituent Relationship Manager (CRM). Mapped will enrich the spreadsheet with location-specific data that can help you in your organising efforts.
AdditionAL fields include
  • Constituency (pre-2024)
  • Constituency (post-2024) (NEW)
  • Ward
  • Primary Care Trust
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • County
  • District
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Make sure you have a field with postcodes.

How it works

Upload your spreadsheet
Step 1
Export your contact list from CRMs such as Action Network or NationBuilder and upload it here. Your data will never leave the browser — no one will have access to your data except you.
Step 2
MAPPED does its magic
Mapped pulls in extra data related to each postcode and merges it into your spreadsheet. Our current sources for this data enrichment are postcodes.io and MySociety.
Download your new file
Step 3
After the enrichment is complete, your original spreadsheet is now full of extra columns with location-specific data, ready to download and use!
Integrate with your CRM

Create a seamless workflow for your organisation

We’re currently working on integrating our tool within the platforms that organisers use so that they can have a seamless experience.
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