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Upload a file → instant map, added political geography data 
✊🚩 Organisers and activists need to know where their people are!

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You pop in your spreadsheet (any format!)
We auto-detect postcodes then add in UK political geography names and codes, like constituency/ward
name,postcode,form,other,data,parliamentary constituency,code,ward
joe blogs,OX49 5NU,form,other,data,Henley,E14000742,Chalgrove
We plot the results on a map + you get an enhanced CSV file to download 💾
    Visually spot where your supporters are andwhat constituency they are into help with with recruiting spare areas, canvassing or fundraising

Your data and us

This works entirely in your web browser. We don't store the data on a server. Postcodes are sent to postcodes.io to retrieve geographical data. No identifying data is sent to any services for your supporters, activists and volunteers.

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This work is kindly funded by Civic Power Fund.